Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wearing green for little Aussie Prems day... 6th April

Wear GREEN for Premmies....
My darling grand daughter was born 100 days early. Weighed 808gms. Went through so much to survive. A true miracle.
Now she is three and a half and growing into an amazing little girl. Still every day is a miracle.
Her hugs are the most precious. Her smiles illuminate my life. She may never know how much she means to her grandmother, but she is the light of my life.
Today I will be wearing green to remember the prems we have known. Celebrating the lives of those who survived the trauma of the NICU, grieving with the families of those who didn't make it.
They say the little ones don't remember...
Our little one talks about people visiting her little house... when she was in hospital. She says she was very little when she was in hospital and her tummy hurt all day. She's seen the photos...

There was a day, when she was visiting the hospital for her 12mth check up when she MET another prem from across the aisle in the NICU.
Now.. these tiny ones had never MET.. only shared the same ward. Yet the both reacted in an astonishing fashion. Tiny babies who wanted to hold each other, smiled, shook with excitement. Ignored mothers and all esle for the time they held each other.
These children are miracles.
The people who care for them are heroes.
The experience has changed my life.

My precious little one has grown into an amazing three and a half year old sweetheart. She is precious and cheeky, she is bright and loving and can be naughty. Totally spoilt by all who know her. What can we do. Everyday with her is special. The way she looks at life, bears pain stoically, loves deeply and brings joy into our lives, must be exhausting. Some days she crashes, might sleep for seventeen hours. We know she is fragile, delicate and every moment with her is priceless.
The love, the faith the strength...
it is all overwhelming
So... I wear green today and applaud
all those who are raising awareness of
the miracles among us.

EARLY PHOTOS of our Miracle baby girl

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