Sunday, October 10, 2010

Three years later...

My darling grand daughter has now turned three. She is truly amazing. She won't actually be three years old corrected till Dec 19th. Already she is reading some words, can recognise all the alphabet and use each letter in a word, counts and can tell people where she lives, dial a phone number and read the time if it shows an hour.
Her grosse motor skills are developing well.
Besides that she is the most wonderful little girl. Such a sweetheart, loving and brave.
Although she has conquered several bouts of illness she never complains. The dr's are amazed that she can be so bright and smiling while being unwell. That's the spirit she has.
It is always a wonder to greet her smiling face. Everyday we give thanks for the miracle of her life.
Being a grandmother to a premmie has changed my life for the better.