Friday, September 19, 2008

One year later...

It was a year ago that our dear little grand daughter arrived 100 days early. Looking back the last twelve months have been the longest of our lives. Even so, some days they seem to have flown by. The roller coaster ride has taken us to the depths of grief and to highs of joy.

CJ arrived after three weeks of trying to swim without 'water in her pool'. When her mum's waters broke at 23 weeks gestation, the dreadful risks of losing CJ were suddenly upon us. Pregnancy never seemed so fragile or dangerous a condition. From those first weeks of tension and stress we learned about how often unborn babies just don't make it.

Back in my day.. (I am not saying how long ago that was) we just had babies. Rarely did we hear of anyone losing a baby. Now I wonder if it was lack of communication, some taboo about taking about loss, or perhaps our environment and general health were better. Who knows?

All I know is that from week 23 as a grandmother in waiting, I became intensely interested in pregnancy and the problems young mothers and would be mothers face now.

With a history of CFS and endometriosis it was a blessing that my daughter fell pregnant so readily. Her chances would lessen with each passing month. Even though she is not yet 30, the extent of the endo threatens. There's another puzzle. Why are so many young women experiencing the horrors of Endo. Losing the ability to bear children is devastating, but the pain and discomfort only add to their suffering. And it doesn't go away. There is no NON radical treatment. It's just a tragic situation that too many women are now facing.

CJ...arrived 100 days early. 25 weeks and 5 days. 808gms (1 lb 11 oz)
This blog is a celebration of her story. She has celebrated her first birthday. Yesterday she celebrated turning 9mths old (corrected) nine days later. For anyone who faces the heartache of welcoming such a precious bundle into the world. I hope the words of this blog can help you through the dark days.